So, I am sick of all of this pc crap. Are you???

I am so sick of hearing how people are being left out of something or not getting something they deserve. Is whole thing about black people not being nominated for an Academy Award this year, is grating on my nerves. Maybe the other people in the other roles were considered better actors. I mean some characters requires so much more depth from actors and range than other roles do. And, I am not a fool, I know at for decades there was so much discrimination in Hollywood. But, I honestly feel like we are getting past that. Not completely, but we as a nation have come a long way.

Before you think that I am intolerant, or not empathetic or perhaps a white elitist, stop. I married a guy a decade ago with 10 times the melanin that I have. 🙂 Therefore, my child is not fully white and has African, Indian (the country) and Portuguese roots from her dad’s side. And, I was raised in the south and had as many black friends as white. I actually got along better with black girls at my school because I was very bold and outspoken, which didn’t quite match up with my more submissive and proper southern fellow white girls.

I digress, so I am not racist and I do care about people different from me. But I get sick of every situation being about offending or being unfair to some group, be it a gender or race or socioeconomic group. It’s tiring.

The latest thing that drives me crazy is the EEOC targeting business owners that could be discriminating against Muslims. This is literally setting up businesses to fail because some people will fabricate discrimination like the clock boy who purposely brought a clock he didn’t make, but staged to resemble a bomb on 9/11. But that was discrimination? A teacher in anther class told him to put it away, but he knew if he pushed the envelope he would get in trouble and be able to get attention worldwide. Or at least his father did.

Anyway, I just like common sense people who do not try to create reasons to protest and who are not overly litigious. Sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes people will treat you terribly and you may have done nothing at all to deserve it. Sometimes people bring things upon themselves (clock boy). And sometimes someone’s performance at work just doesn’t measure up to the work of others. It is just how it is.

I know discrimination exists. I know that some people will give their all and may be judged on skin color or gender or sexual orientation and that is not right. We can all continue to do all that we can to stomp those injustices out. But everything that happens to a person of color or a woman or a person of a certain religion that doesn’t make them happy does not mean that it is because of those traits. Sometimes it’s just how the cookie crumbles. It’s not fun to lose or to miss out on a raise or to have to follow rules one may not agree with, but everyone is not entitled to everything. Point blank period…




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